If you love driving especially at a fast pace, you would be aware of the trouble over speeding can land you in. Police and Law enforcement are vigilant and with the help of a radar gun can easily determine if you have been over speeding. This could end with you getting a speeding ticket and all the troubles that come along with them.

Installing a radar detector is often a smart move. It can easily detect if there is a Police with a radar gun anywhere in the vicinity. It then signals the driver well in advance, so that the drivers can lower the speed and avoid that speeding ticket.

When one checks for radar detector reviews, you will find there are many options with various features available. Choosing the right one is crucial. And also important are other do’s and don’ts while installing a radar detector.

Points to remember:

  • Opt for a radar detector with a rural and urban mode. This is important, as a radar detector often signals close to 1 mile before in rural areas and hardly about .25 miles in urban areas due to more obstacles and has more chances of a false alarm. Choosing a radar detector with both options, minimizes false alarms and knows when to notify even in urban areas.
  • Know the signals and alerts: Assuming a low signal notification as a false alarm and ignoring it has often landed many in trouble. Also, the police now use instant-on radar guns which can immediately check the speed of the vehicles. And so it is very important to understand how to read the signals and alerts of a radar detector.
  • Avoid installing it in a blind spot: Your radar detector and all its signals and alerts will stand useless if you install it in a spot which you cannot see from the driving seat. Take care of installing it in a place which is easily visible even while driving.
  • Avoid overspeeding often: Even if you love racing your vehicle, one must avoid speeding on smaller roads and speeding very often. As speeding is not just about getting a speeding ticket, but can potentially cause an accident and damage to your life as well as lives of others.