Days are gone when Sawyer was used to cut trees with the help of saw but now chainsaw has eased up the work. There are many tools available but no one is portable and faster than this. A chainsaw is a tool which can be used by people from different professions. The question which arises in mind is that how does this tool work and is it safe to use? Well, if you know the complete mechanism of a chainsaw then you will be able to figure out every possible aspect.

Working Mechanism Of A Gasoline Chainsaw

As you may know that there are many types of chainsaws are available in the market and out of which some work on electrical power using an extension cord or Battery and some work on gasoline. The thing is almost every chainsaw who work on gasoline use two cycle engine and these things require to mix gasoline with oil. If someone doesn’t mix oil can face many issues like seize of the engine because of deficient lubrication. Gasoline chainsaws are called as the ideal one because these are easy to carry and you need to fill the tank with fuel to use it.

As you pull the starting rope to start the engine then crank shaft start rotating. This crank shaft is connected to the piston which starts moving up and down in the cylinder due to this ignition process begin. There is a magnet connected to the flywheel which is permanent which create a magnetic field to induce electricity. This generated electricity work in order to provide energy to spark plug so that when the piston goes down then the gasoline enters in the chamber but when the piston moves upward then the vacuum is created. The spark plug ignites the gas and air due to which piston work and a chain start rotating. This chain has a set of sharp teeth which are used to cut trees and other things.